• The Most Important Nutrient Is The One That’s Missing!

    During the course of history, men, women and children suffered and died because they lacked one important, essential nutrient or another. What nutrients could change your health, or save a life?

    Scurvy is an ancient disease; its principal cause now is known to be an ascorbic acid (vitamin C) deficiency, but when scurvy devastated civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome, no one suspected that the deadly “plague” was caused by a diet of inadequate nutrients. Between 1556 and 1857 for example, more than 100 scurvy epidemics spread through Europe.

    Although numerous early indications began to appear that linked scurvy with diet, this knowledge had to be rediscovered many times until it was widely accepted.

    In 1742, the British naval commander James Lind begged the British Navy to institute a program for making citrus foods available on all voyages. In a book he wrote after an especially long journey with many fatalities, he described “miracle cures” encountered with the use of lemon juice. Lind was practically ignored for his advice. But 62 years later, the British Navy did adopt the procedure when Captain Cook succeeded in  avoiding scurvy all together by giving his sailors lime juice on three successive voyages (between 1768 and 1779).

    Just think about it: even with proof that a simple remedy like fruit juice could save thousands of lives, “conventional wisdom” said it couldn’t be true… and it took over 62 years for this “new” simple solutions to be instituted!

    Some other diseases based on nutrient deficiency that have been basically eliminated in the modern world are rickets (riboflavin, B6), anemia (iron), beri-beri (thiamine, B1). Likewise, we accept today, because of the information available to us from research and experience, that we need calcium for strong bones, and amino acids or proteins for healthy muscle development.

    The next frontier in the “new” and “simple” solutions for health is glyconutrients, the sugars present in nature that we are meant to be getting in our diets but aren’t anymore. Science is proving that these sugars are necessary for all cellular and immune system functions. Today’s epidemics, including cancer, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, HIV, Hepatitis C, and drug-resistant bacteria may have a more simple solution than “conventional wisdom” is willing to admit; a lack of a new breed of necessary nutrient.

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    Wishing you Wellness,

    Cathleen Beerkens

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