Glycobiology In The News

Click on the link below to read the PDF of a study done by the National Academy of Science (NAS) on the future of health with Glycoscience and glyconutrition.

NAS Study: Transforming Glycoscience: A Roadmap for the Future (2012)

Great Videos

How Healthy Is Our Food? An 11-Year Old Explains

At a recent independent TEDTalks event, 11 year old Birke Baehr came out with passion… this kid understands what’s going on with our food. Give him a listen. It’s worth your time.

David Wolfe Talking About Essential Sugars (Glyconutrients)

Watch around the 4:00 mark as David Wolfe, famous for being an advocate of super foods and longevity through nutrition, talks about essential sugars.

Recommended Sites

To find more in depth information on some of the revolutionary information on my site, feel free to click on the links below to be redirected to a relevant site.

Health and Glyconutrients

Webinars and educational information on glyconutrients:
Proevity Continuing Education Group

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