A Journey of Transformation

I believe every body is unique and requires different strategies to achieve wellness. Below you will find three key tools that I believe are essential to a healthy and happy life. Join me on my wellness journey today!

Lifestyle Classes

I offer a series of classes all over the Netherlands that teach people about how to stay healthy in this modern day world. Please visit, www.awellnessrevolution.net to learn more.


We create our lives through our lifestyle choices. Our career, physical activity, spirituality and relationships are a few examples of areas in our lives that nurture and sustain us. Learn more about how changing how we look at ourselves and our choices can improve our life and wellbeing.


Did you ever hear the expression you are what you eat? As an intensive care nurse, I was well aware of the effect of the altered food, toxic environment, tremendous stress and diminished nutrition had on us. Soil depletion, green harvesting, hybridisation and GMO foods are compromising our digestive systems. This leaves us malnourished at a cellular level. Learn more about important discoveries in nutrition that can make a difference in your wellness, including a new field of science, glycobiology.


Please ask yourself, what is health, what is happiness and why are you here? As things are changing so quickly around you, ask yourself: are you capable of adapting? When I speak of healing, I speak of making the transitions necessary to adapt to all that's shifted and changing around us. To me, healing is about supporting this transformation and providing an opportunity to access a deeper state of wellness on all levels. I would love to support you in your transformation into greatness.


We offer many classes about lifestyle, nutrition and healing. Visit www.awellnessrevolution.net to see when these classes are available near you. We are currently located in 13 cities in The Netherlands. If you want to book an individual health consultant and healing session with me, please email cathleenbeerkens@gmail.com.