The Future of Health

What could your life be like if you had access to the best possible nutrition? Would you be full of energy and vitality, ready to take on the world changes? What if caring for your health was integrated into how you live your life? How natural is optimal health and energy?

Altered Food

Did you ever hear the expression you are what you eat? As an intensive care nurse I was well aware of the effect the altered food, toxic environment, tremendous stress had on us. Two questions that come to my mind are, how do we know that the food we are eating is safe and nourishing? And how do we know that we can absorb it? Due to soil depletion, green harvesting, over hybridised wheat and GMO food our intestines have been compromised and the food we have been eating is lacking vital nutrients. This leaves us malnourished at the cell level and vulnerable. It is time to wake up and learn the things we need to do to strengthen ourselves.


Vitamins and minerals supplements are not always the answer. "My mother gave me a flint stones vitamin everyday, little did I know they were so toxic." Our industries have known that our food has been lacking vital nutrients for a while now. Therefore, they have tried to return the nutrients back into our diets by creating a new vitamin/mineral supplement industry. The problem is 95% of these vitamins are made of petroleum, coal tar and synthetics. Studies conducted by the pharmaceutical companies in the mid-1990's, resulted in disturbing findings that halted them, and yet these supplements were never pulled from the marketplace. Now we must make critical decisions on which supplements really serve us.


This is the field of science that explores the structure and functions of the sugars or carbohydrates that surround every cell in the human body.These sugars are referred to in the medical community as glycans. In 2003 MIT proclaimed it one of the “top ten technologies that would change the world.” There are Glycobiology departments in universities and research centers globally. The National Academy of Science has published a document that talks about the importance of the new science "Glycans play roles in almost every biological process and are involved in every major disease."


Please ask yourself, what is health, what is happiness and why are you here? As things are changing so quickly around you, ask yourself: are you capable of adapting? When I speak of healing, I speak of making the transitions necessary to adapt to all that's shifted and changing around us. To me, healing is about supporting this transformation and providing an opportunity to access a deeper state of wellness on all levels. I would love to support you in your transformation into greatness.

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